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Communication for Wellbeing

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Activities for Organizations, Institutions and Companies



Comprehensive advice on Biocentric Communication

A professional service that offers an appreciative look
and integrative
, aimed at ventures, events, products and communication actions aligned with Social Responsibility.

A space where we will share concrete proposals based on the Values that contribute to the Culture of Peace, promote Human Wellbeing and are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Inspirational Content for Events

Design, Development, Production and Implementation of inspirations contents for events of Companies, Organizations, Institutions and Event Producers.

The contents of Human Integration promote values such as Peace, Cooperation, Respect and Union in Diversity, Enthusiasm, Sustainability, Calm and Wellbeing.


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Experiential dynamics in Nature

Experiential Dynamics in Nature, are aimed at work teams and propose to experience a higher level of Wellbeing to awaken and expand the creative potentials.

They are carried out in places near the conurbano, as well as
in various cities of the world and offer a wide variety of dynamics of group integration and of vital re-ordering.


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Group Dynamics of Integrative Movement

Through professional advice that collaborates in the process of "aligning, integrating and expanding the potentials" within the framework of Entrepreneurship, Companies, Institutions and Organizations, the group dynamics of Human Integration, constitute a bridge towards the positive transformation of people and of the work teams.


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Individual Sessions of Integrative Movement

A space to meet from the Appreciative Dialogue,
the Movement and the Conscious Relaxation, in which we will share concrete proposals of Wellbeing, to make more complete your daily life.


The presence and affective listening together with the appreciative look, characterize the dynamics, providing greater confidence and fluidity in each encounter.


The sessions last approx. 1 hour and 1/2 and you can take them as often as you consider appropriate. Available via Skype.

Encounters of Integrative Movement

The Integrative Movement Group Encounters are endorsed by the NGO Human Integration. They propose a path of experiential exploration, through which we align, integrate and link positively, reconnecting with our gifts and expanding our potentials, while developing a greater
level of Health and Wellbeing.


The dynamics foster trust in ourselves,
in others and in Life.


The meetings last approx. 1, 1/2 hours., These are thematic and are designed according to the needs of the group.

Seminars and Experiential Retreats in Nature


The Experiences in Nature are proposals aimed at experiencing a higher level of Health and Wellbeing, both individually and as a group.


They are developed in different places of the city, the country and the world and offer a wide variety of activities that enhance wellbeing: Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Conscious Walks, Sound Harmonizations and Integrating Movement, among others, all under the Curator and implementation of Vero Willenberg.

Group Activities
Individual Activities